Picture Perfect! 6 Fun Ways to Learn German with Instagram.

1. Follow Accounts That Focus on Teaching German

Since people from all over the world interact in this social network, it is only natural that there will be accounts which focus on German language learners. These accounts help you stay motivated, regularly post activities and vocabulary challenges and also answer queries in the comment sections.

Of course, you can also find other teachers to help you out with language learning too. Many times they are actively looking for an audience and their accounts are filled with educational materials you can use to advance your learning. Use the hashtag #germanteacher to find tutors from all over the world. Try to interact with them through comments and messages. In my experience, most of them are more than happy to clear any doubts and share general tips about a specific part of German learning.

These are all good ways to find an German learning community which can extend beyond Instagram too. Since the social network is all about sharing photos, many people share their everyday life in their accounts. As language learners, this is a good way not only to find a learning partner but also make friends and talk about interesting things.

2. Read Short Poetry

Reading poetry is often extremely hard for German learners because they have very difficult words, culture-specific metaphors and their meaning is not obvious to anyone, not even native speakers. There are easy published poems out there, but they are either rare or meant for children.

Instagram is one of those few places where you can find simple but good poetry. Since writers have to share their poems through small photos, the length of these poems are generally short too. This makes it ideal for learners to satisfy their poetic needs without being confused and frustrated.

3. Take the Caption Challenge

This a very famous activity in the Instagram community. In the caption challenge, a picture is posted by a user using the #captionthis hashtag and different people come up with humorous and clever captions for that photo and post it in the comments section.

German learners can test how easily they are able to describe a photo with no textual hints and use their knowledge to come up with a sentence expressing their own thoughts about it. In the comments section, they can also see how many different words can be used to caption the same image and if they are able to connect them with the photo or not.

In case you have any problem understanding how a caption relates to the picture, do not hesitate to ask other users. Most of the people will be happy to help you out, especially if you mention that you are a German learner.

4. Follow Your Favorite German-speaking Stars

Social media is a place to stalk all the famous people you love. So why not do it to improve your German?

Most of the celebrities have active Instagram accounts. You will find that they probably post pictures almost daily and sometimes also reply to their fans’ comments.

As a writing exercise, you can follow your favorite stars and post one comment on their photo every day. It does not have to be more than a line long, but you should not just write one word. Before posting make sure that the grammar is correct (you can use a grammar checker) or perhaps you can ask a learning partner if the sentence makes sense or not.

Celebrities often post short videos about their daily life. These are not only fascinating for fans but are valuable for language learning too.

5. Enjoy Educational Content

Learning German should not stay limited to learning grammar and vocabulary. You can improve your German skills while getting smarter and educating yourself about subjects which interest you.

  1. Find Funny Memes

A meme is usually an image with funny text on it that is copied and spread all around the internet. Since Instagram is all about pictures, it is not surprising that you find loads of funny memes in various accounts.

The meme is the perfect way to get quick German reading practice, especially if you are learning informal German. Usually there are barely four or five words in a single meme and they are extremely entertaining.

You can find various memes on Instagram using hashtags like #memestagram. There is a specific hashtag called #grammarhumor for memes related to German grammar. If you do not understand a meme, do not hesitate to ask for an explanation in the comments section.

And if you are a fan of the staple cat and dog memes, be sure to follow catmeme.s and dogmeme.s for thousands of them.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess Instagram is proof that sometimes pictures can help you learn a thousand words instead.

So keep browsing, keep practicing and keep learning every day.

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