Youtube Channels To Learn German


  1. Extr@ in German with German subtitles


This is a TV show specifically made for teaching people languages. All the actors speak slowly and clearly and use not too advanced vocabulary so it’s not so hard to understand. A summary of the plot, from Wikipedia: “Sam, with only a very basic grasp of the featured language provide the central dynamic for the series’ language learning content. This series is particularly suitable for adolescents and young adults who can relate to the contextual setting and implied meanings in the screenplay.”

  1. Book Box in German

book box

It’s a very simple concept: they make an animated video out of a children’s story that includes a narrator slowly and carefully reading it aloud and subtitles in German language. They’re fun and short, and since they are using children’s stories so the language they use tends to be very simple which is perfect for someone learning German language.

  1. Easy German

easy german 2

Easy German has come up with a wonderful format for teaching German, and that’s to go out in the street and speak to actual Germans. You, the listener, benefit from hearing real German spoken at normal speeds by native speakers. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and prospect of this is making the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. The videos are supported by both German and English subtitles. The conversations and street interviews aren’t random pieces of dialogue, but rather each lesson focuses on different language learning topics such as pronunciation, conjugating verbs and basic phrases. By being out and about on the streets, the videos keep things fresh, giving the viewer lots of interesting visuals. It’s a great preview of what types of conversations you might have while traveling throughout Germany.

  1. Deutsch für Euch

deutsch fur euch

Self-confessed language nerd Katja from southern Germany is on a mission to teach people German and take the stuffiness out of learning languages. She launched her highly informative YouTube channel in 2013, and it’s brimming with well-structured lessons for beginners. In most of the videos Katja talks directly to the camera in English. She has a friendly disposition and always seems to be smiling, which draws in viewers and makes the lessons more palatable. This is particularly important when she tackles such tricky areas such as German articles. Deutsch für Euch covers a broad range of topics including German greetings, irregular verbs and pronunciation.

  1. GermanPod101

german in 3 minutes

Fast, easy and fun. That’s the German language learning experience promised by GermanPod101’s YouTube channel, and it certainly does its best to live up to those aims.  There are dozens of videos organized into such categories as “Learn German Holidays,” “German in Three Minutes” and “German Listening Practice.”  One of the neat aspects of the channel is that GermanPod101 likes to mix it up a bit with a variety of formats.  So, some videos feature a presenter on camera while others rely on just pictures and audio. Language students will find the German listening practice videos particularly useful. Each one presents dialogue and questions in German which you have to respond to in German. The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

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