Learn German With Radio

Here is the list of Germany’s best Radio Stations which can help you improve the German language.

  1. Deutsche Welle



Deutsche Welle has an extremely broad-based range of radio programming which is available in their online media libraries, ranging from music-focused podcasts to series geared entirely towards German language learning. For beginners, one free source is Radio D podcast, which delivers easily understandable basics and a logical progression of concepts.

  1. Deutschlandfunk


Deutschlandfunk is the news-focused subsidiary of Deutschlandradio, which also offers programs with more of a cultural or pedagogic focus. Deutschlandfunk features plenty of reporting on events of international significance, including interviews with leading politicians and other figures in public life. One of the highly recommended program from this radio station is Das War Der Tag.

  1. FluxFM


This is the radio station for the Indie lover. They specialize in alt rock and electro-pop, with more English-language artists than German, but the DJ talk segments are in German and feature short bits of current events and the latest from the local music scenes. They have online streams from both the Berlin and Bremen markets.

  1. Klassik Radio

Klassik Radio

This the radio station for classical fan. You don’t have to be a classical music expert to appreciate its beauty or exploit its focusing effect for study purposes. Give yourself a time to listen to high culture station like Klassik Radio. Their programming is syndicated across Germany, and also includes late-night offerings branching out into jazz, ambient and world music.

  1. Sport.fm


This is the radio for football fanatic. Sport1.fm combines extensive soccer game coverage with rock and contemporary music. Tune in for games from the Bundesliga and 2. Liga (national league and second division league, respectively), as well as international championships, analysis by experts and player interviews. Keep yourself updated on your favorite Füßballgötter (football gods), hone your knowledge of sports slang and pick up discussion material for chats with fellow fan colleagues or the guys at the local Eckkneipe (corner pub).

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