Learn German through Tedx Talks.

Are you looking for ways to improve your German, but don’t know where to start? At some point, every language learner reaches a plateau that is difficult to get past, especially if you aren’t using your second language every day. German Learning Easy, a website meant to help learners of all languages, suggests watching video. Even better, @ted​ talks.

Thousands of Tedx conventions have taken place around the world, all running under the motto “ideas worth sharing.” Tedx events are especially popular in Germany, where innovators from all different sectors have given lectures. The Tedx website has over 300 German language Ted talks to choose from!

And are a few suggestions for which Ted talks to start with, and which vocabulary words to watch out for.

1. Komfortzone Zukunft (The Future of the Comfort Zone)

Professor Doctor Gunter Dueck gave his talk called Komfortzone Zukunft (The Future of the Comfort Zone) as part of the TEDxRheinMain conference. It looks at how humans adapt to change in their lives. Dueck has done a couple of talks for TED. If you enjoy this one, have a listen to some of his others.


die Psychologie des Wandels – the psychology of change

dressieren – to train / drill

die Erziehung – education / upbringing

die Wutgefühle – feelings of anger

die Vernunft – rationality

2. Think like a Designer

At TEDxBerlin Erik Spiekermann spoke about the whole concept of redesigning design. The German typographer is known for having designed typefaces that are now seen as modern classics.


umdenken – to rethink

die Schriftart – typeface

das Konzept – concept

die Kreativität – creativity

der Grafiker – the designer

3. Ambiguitätstoleranz (Ambiguity Tolerance)

Dr. Jivka Ovtcharova is a scientist at the Karslruhe Institute for Technology. Her talk, Ambiguitätstoleranz (Ambiguity Tolerance) took place during TEDxKoeln.

This talk looks at the roles emotions play, and how we can use virtual reality to find the space between the invisible and visible in our world.


unsichtbar – invisible

virtuelle Realität – virtual reality

die Informatik – computer science

die Identität – identity

der Mensch – human / person

4. Poetry Slammer

MATZE B is a slam poet. His talk at TEDxBodensee looked at the art behind spoken word poems and poetry slams. He also covers his journey from being a poet in a small journey to ending up a German teacher.


die Dichtung – poetry

die Literatur – literature

die Wortakrobatik – word acrobatics

entdecken – to discover

dichten – to write poetry / to write verses

5. Auf Holz Gebaut (Made of Wood)

At TEDxSalzburg, Hubert Rhomberg, co-founder and owner of the international construction company Rhomberg Gruppe, spoke about sustainable construction.

Rhomberg has developed a wood-hybrid building method for building houses. He talks about this and many other efficient and sustainable building systems that can help us create a greener future.


das Holz – wood

nachhaltig – sustainable

das Bauwesen – architecture / the building industry

die Effizienz – efficiency

die Ressourcen – resources

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