5 Pop Songs That Will Help You Learn German


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Why Learn German with Songs?

If you find a song in German that you like, it’s only a matter of time before you start singing along without even knowing the exact words. This is great for your listening comprehension skills! And by learning those songs, you’ll get a glimpse into German culture. After all, communicating is about more than just language.

After you learn these songs, you’ll be able to connect to German people on a deeper level.

  1. Wer bin ich – Lafee

This is the most well-known song from Lafee. This song nominated for favorite video clip in 2006. This song is about a girl who cannot believe why her boyfriend falls in love with her. Is she worth his love?

Who am I? Am I the only one you love? Why?

  1. Die Zeit hält nur in Träumen an – Peter Maffay & Mandy Capristo

The melody is soft as a love story’s fairy tale. Time only stops when two people in love and stay right beside each other.

Ich bin in dir

Vor dir gibt es kein entrinnen

Und doch da gibt es eine Tür

Ganz tief in meinem Innern

Durch die ich dir entfliehen kann

Die Zeit hält nur in Träumen an….

  1. Halt dich an mir fest – Revolverheld & Marta Jandova

This emotional ballad from Hamburg band Revolverheld will provide you with vocabulary to talk about a failing relationship.

Hold on to me when life is tearing you apart.

Hold on to me when you don’t know what to do.

I’m able to understand you.

Hold on to me, ’cause that’s all what remains.

  1. Nur mit dir – Thor Braarvig

This song is about the love of a boy for the girl he’s deeply in love with. He feels happy only when he’s with her. The video clip is pretty simple but it is very meaningful.

  1. Das kann uns keiner nehmen – Revolverheld

Another song from Revolverheld. Everyone has their “young, wild and free” memory to remember. The most wonderful thing is after a very long time, old friends meet each other at a pub just to recall the good old memories. We will cheer for this long lasting friendship.

Wir sind wirklich so verschieden               We are really so different

Und komm’ heut von weit her                   And come here today from afar

Doch uns’re Freundschaft ist geblieben    But our friendship still remains.

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