5 YouTubers Who Create German Language Tutorials for Everyone.

Get Germanized

Perhaps the most famous name on this list, Dominik Hannekum (a.k.a Get Germanized, a.k.a Meister Lehnsherrr, a.k.a Vuko) has been around the YouTube block for the better part of a decade. What began as an experiment to improve his English has turned into a full-fledged business.

With three videos uploaded each week, nearly 250k subscribers and millions of hits on his channel, Dominik has become a recognizable face in the language-learning community.

Although his channel isn’t solely dedicated to teaching the German language, his videos offer a great foundation with numerous tutorials for beginners, as well as regularly providing vocabulary words and learning tips in nearly every video.

With his quirky humor and animated personality, Get Germanized is a great introduction to all things German, from vocabulary to customs to food and, of course, beer!

I recommend starting with his earlier videos on the basics of the German language. He’s even done a compilation of all his tutorials for beginners in the video above.

Still struggling to learn German? Questioning if you should take Spanish or French instead? Maybe Meister Lehnsherr can convince you with this video!

Deutsch für Euch 

Perhaps the most comprehensive German tutor on YouTube is Deutsch for Euch, a.k.a. Katja.

Her channel combines grammar and vocabulary lessons with regular features on mechanics such as irregular verbs, subordinate clauses and conjunctions.

She has a chronological episode playlist, so beginners can start with the basics at episode one, while intermediate learners can jump in and start watching her more recent videos. There are four years worth of tutorials to catch up on, but if you binge watch you’ll be caught up in no time!

If you’d like to start with something a little more challenging, check out her grammar playlist.

Don’t Trust the Rabbit

Interesting channel name, no? Don’t let that put you off! Trixie is quite possibly the most adorable and creative German teacher you could ask for. She’s constantly putting out content that sets her apart from her peers in her own unique, rabbity way.

She breaks down the language and looks at dialects, colloquialisms and verbs, highlighting the underappreciated beauty of the language. In addition to her passion for the language, she also has a wonderful rabbit ear for it. Trixie analyzes and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to put into practice.

A great place to start is her video on how to do a German accent (above), which is essentially a pronunciation guide. It’s also her most popular video, with over 2 million views and counting!

Tired of hearing the same old verbs on every website, app and textbook? Check out her video about unusual and hilarious verbs that you’ll want to include in your everyday vocabulary.


A recent addition to the German learning community, Dave is actually the only YouTuber on this list to study German and its many intricacies at university. As a result, he’s a natural teacher.

His style is like a combination of Get Germanized and Deutsch für Euch, combining regular lessons with humor and culture. Some of his videos are entirely in German with English subtitles, while others are in English with German vocabulary included in the tutorial.

In this video for beginners, Dave breaks down the challenging word order and sentence structure of German.

If you prefer to listen to him speak his native tongue, check out his German language video that talks about the man behind the cap in this Q&A.

Learn German with Jenny

The only American on this list, Jenny is a great instructor for beginners who speak English as a first language. Her pronunciation is excellent, but her accent also makes her easy to understand for uninitiated ears. To date, she has hundreds of videos on YouTube teaching the German language, so you won’t be running out of content anytime soon.

She also has a blog!

If you’re new to learning German, start from the very beginning with the link above (a very good place to start).

For intermediate learners, I recommend starting with playlist B (lessons 200 onward).

Source: FluentU

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