How To Learn German Effectively

1.Learn like a kid

Have you ever observed a kid trying to repeat words or simple sentences adults show then? Because learning a language is a”copy-cat” process. When you cannot listen that means you are more likely not to know how to repeat and therefore you cannot speak even simplest sentences. Before we can speak a language, we all imitate someone. Hence, listen more, pay attention and then try to speak like them. Through that process, you can get better at pronunciation, learn how to form a sentence, common words they use in a conversation,… The same way applies for writing. Before you can have a good writing, it must be right first. Correct grammar, words selection,… In order to write a right sentence, you must start with teacher’s examples. When you understand it clearly, you start using those structures but write in your own way or you can change it a little bit and ask your teacher later if it is correct and move on. Keep doing it and your writing skill will be improved. However, these are just first steps.

2. Learn as many new words as you can.

If you don’t have vocabulary, how can you write a sentence? How can you express what you want to say correctly? Hence, if you want to get better at speaking a language you need to have a huge vocabulary that you can use it fluently. Without vocabulary, you cannot catch the main points what people are saying then you cannot respond accordingly. Obviously, vocabulary is the key to any languages. How to learn and remember new words depends on each individual. Some common methods are connect words with pictures, write the words in the paper at least 10 times, learn with mobile apps such as Quizlet, Memrise,… As long as this method works for you, keep using it. Maybe you have to try at least 2 different methods before you can find the one that works for you. But keep looking, don’t settle.


3. Practice listening everyday and don’t be shy when practice speaking.

Everything from movies, music, radio,… you should listen to them all. Start with topics you like would be easier. For instance, first you follow DW’s Youtube Channel, listen to Hin&Weg about travelling, it’s very interesting and you can learn a lot of new words or sometimes just let it play while you do your homework or housework. And you’re your teacher’s suggestion, you try to listen to Langsam gesprochene Nachricht- also from DW but this time try to listen more actively. That means you not only turn it on but also try to understand, notice new words and remember the topic the news mentions. You keeps practicing that way for a long period of time, your listening skill definitely will be improved. After a month or so you can understand this kind of news in standard speed Originaltempo. Along with listening exercise, not hesitate to speak is a way to improve your German. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t just repeat the same structures your teacher gives you, be more confident when you talk to someone in German like your teacher, your classmates or your friends.

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