Learn Authentic German with these best German Youtubers


If you love YouTube, chances are you’ve watched vlogs and gotten acquainted with their creators, who are known as vloggers. Vlogs are a great language learning tool as they’re both visual and oral. The vloggers are talking about lots of different things, but usually narrating or commenting on what’s happening on-screen. This makes it super easy to follow along.

Another bonus is that they’re also regularly updated—once you find your favorite vlogger, you can become familiar with them and their idiosyncrasies and slang and catch up with new developments and videos. Weekly vlogs are the most common, although there are daily and monthly ones as well.

So here are 5 Great German Vloggers Who You’ve Gotta Meet

1. Michael Buchinger (aka gretlproductions)


Michael is pretty much the funniest man on the Internet I have ever seen. There are days when I’m sitting at my desk and laughing tears watching Michael, for example, 10 excuses a party earlier, or explained why he hates dates. I do not know how your humor looks like this, but in my heart Michael has won!

2. Phil, TC and OG (aka YTTITY)


Starting out as an amateur version of “Jackass,” these three young Germans (Phil, TC and OG) have become some of the most famous vloggers in Germany, rising from a trio of young skaters to YouTube superstars.

The content is eclectic, but with a strong, underlying sense of humor running through every video. Expect skits, songs, video games and lots and lots of German-language parodies.

Song parodies are their specialty and their funniest output. The group take famous English-language songs, change the lyrics into German and sing about the things that happen in their daily lives. David Guetta, Taylor Swift and Gotye get the parody treatment. What’s great is that every video has the lyrics printed below and most have English subtitles; perfect for learning while enjoying some real, home-grown German comedy!

3. Mira (aka yummypilgrim)


In yummypilgrim everything revolves around the most beautiful thing in the world: The food! Many of you know “funny pilgrim” probably because it is one of the most famous German Youtube channels, but the delicious equivalent is yummypilgrim where I like to be inspired by eating technically. Next on my list are currently Nachmach-namely, the “Pumpkin Chocolate Pancakes” – and “Stewed figs goat cheese”. Even just hear the name makes you feel damn delicious, right? Happy cooking!

If you really love Mira, she has another channel called FunnyPilgrim, focusing more broadly on style and comedy. Another extra resource to check out!

4. Madametamtam


This channel is definitely for beauty lovers. I love Madame Tam Tam because they somehow totally natural, kind and loving to come off in her videos. She covers some hottest beauty topics (say only “Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial”) and every video looks really pretty. More reasons to watch a great Youtube channel anyway, right?

5. Julien and Lee (aka FlyingPandas)


Julien and Lee, two Germans of Asian descent, have created a vlog full of pranks, parodies and stunts, mostly shot through the lens of a slow motion camera. The pair are producers for many other vloggers in Germany, so expect lots of collaborations and cameos from the other people listed in this article.

With great production and lots of action, this is a super entertaining way to learn some vocab. From music videos to sketches and pranks, there are tons of videos that are easy to understand and entertaining to watch. While there are no subtitles, often key words appear in the videos, making them even easier to follow.

Both Julien and Lee now have their own YouTube channels, where you can see lots of behind the scenes videos, travel and even more slow motion footage.

Incorporating vlogs into your studies will be another large step towards becoming fluent in German.

Have fun with them!

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