Here’s all you need to know about Berlin.

The German capital is full of surprises. With its ever-changing life it’s hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city. These few facts are sure to teach you things you never knew.

1. More museums than rainy days per year

There are 180 museums in Berlin and on average 106 rainy days. So even if you tried to use the bad weather for cultural enrichment you’d have a hard time getting through them all in a year (and that’s if you had nothing else to do.)

2. Your own museum for €8,000

If Berlin’s existing party halls don’t quite suit your tastes, you actually have the option of renting out an entire museum for an epic night of debauchery – just for a mere €8,000-€20,000.

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin promise an “unforgettable evening in an utterly unique atmosphere” that will be certain to “enchant and amaze your guests”.

3. 2 kilometres of beer

The longest beer garden in the world is actually not in Bavaria, but in the northern capital city. The annual International Berlin Beer Festival runs 2.2 kilometres, making it the longest worldwide.

Take that, Munich!

4. Graffiti costs the city €35 million

If Berlin were a modern day Hades (as some more traditional country folk no doubt believe), Sisyphus would be condemned to life as a street cleaner. Every year the city spends €35 million on cleaning graffiti off its walls. Yet, like magic, the city’s distinctive paintwork always seems to reappear.

5. Half a million foreigners

Berlin is certainly as ‘Multikulti’ as people say: there are just under 500,000 foreigners in the city who hail from 185 countries.

That means roughly 14 percent are from somewhere other than Germany, so no need to feel alone.

6. 60 tonnes of döner

On an average day 950 döner spits are eaten in the city, and with each spit holding 63 kg, that’s 60 tonnes of meat a day.

They also scarf down 70 million currywursts a year.

7. Eleven night bus lines to your door

If you’re in Berlin, you might consider changing your habits to take advantage of the 11 BVG night bus lines that will literally take you right to your door.

The buses that offer this are: N35, N39, N53, N60, N62, N64, N68, N69, N91, N95 and N97.

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