Beware culture shock when coming to Germany!!!

1. Not everybody there would speak English. Also, a number of people (usually officials or clerks) are upset if you don’t speak their language.

2. The summer isn’t really summer. There are hot and cold days. Sunny and overcast days. Clear and rainy days. A day can start sunny and end in rain. You can walk out in your shorts and have to wear pants and a light jacket by the end of the day. Also, the days are unbelievably long. The sun rises before 5 AM and sets at around 10 PM.

3. Ethnic Diversity there is wonderful. There seem to be people from all over the world, all coexisting. Yes, there have been some glitches, but seeing this melting pot of diversity brings hope to the heart. Plus, you can authentic food from almost anywhere—from Mexican to Vietnamese to Turkish to Lebanese to Korean, etc etc.

4. Sex seems to be less of a big deal here. You can see a number of adverts in the street depicting some form of sex in illustrations. In Germany there is something unassuming about its depiction—a couple or even a threesome lying in bed covered in blankets, a cartoon of a man with his loins covered by a popping champagne bottle and a smiling woman by his side. But unassertive—as if this, too, is a natural part of life and there’s no need to make a fuss about it.

5. Some people can be incredibly proper and strict here. You can be scolded for standing out in the street when the bus came, and then for standing in the wrong place inside the bus. In some places and settings, people are expected to behave in a certain ways, and are frowned upon if they are not.

6. Almost all shops are closed on Sundays.

7. Punctuality: Mexicans, and Latins in general, are famous for not being very punctual. While on the other hand Germans are worldwide known for their punctuality. You can see that that is true for any official appointment: Lectures, meetings, classes, bus and train stops, but not for parties. At least between young people (20-ish).

8. Cleanliness: Almost every public place, classroom, shop and street is extremely clean. And all the time. Even Amsterdam and other French cities are not as clean as German cities.

9. People have been incredibly helpful. You can easily ask a neighbor to help carry your luggage from the street. Another neighbor can help you whenever you need something in German translated.

10. Many, many people are tattooed, so much so that un-tattooed individuals seem rare than tattooed ones.

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